Video: Swae Lee Explodes at Fans for Throwing Water on Him

‘Who threw that s**t?’ the Rae Sremmurd member can be heard yelling in a fan-captured video after a fan throws water on him when he is walking with security at Wireless Fest in London, England.

AceShowbiz -Just because you are a fan of Swae Lee, it doesn’t mean he will let you do anything you want to him. He proved it out during his group Rae Sremmurd‘s set at Wireless Fest in London, England on Monday, July 22, when he caught a fan throwing water on him.

In a clip obtained by DJ Akademiks, Lee was seen walking with security in the middle of the audience when out of nowhere water hit him in the hair and face. The “Sunflower” hitmaker immediately got angry by what just happened and turned to the direction of the flown drink and repeatedly yelled, “Who threw that s**t?”

No one confessed obviously, and Lee looked like he was about to fight someone for real, judging by his aggressive manner. Fortunately, the dispute didn’t escalate as witnesses stated that Lee just let it go and moved on.

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time Lee got something thrown at him during concert. Last year, a fan threw a cell phone at him when he and brother Slim Jxmmi were performing at the Starplex Pavilion in Dallas. “I swear to God I’m going to sue your a**. You just busted my tooth, b***h. Why are you throwing s**t on the stage? You’re throwing that s**t like a baseball and I’m trying to put on a show for y’all,” he angrily said to the fan.

Lee later calmed down after being restrained by Jxmmi before finishing up their performance. After that, the former went to the hospital where he received stitches for the wound. He had also backed off his threat by deciding not to sue the fan as writing, “And I won’t be suing the fan , imma charge it to the game just be more careful I’m here to perform not dodgeball.”

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