Watch Justine Skyes Quick and Easy Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Justine Skye’s nighttime skin care routine is so simple, it takes her just five and a half minutes.

In this edition of Go to Bed with Me, the singer walks us through her process, which she says is her favorite part of the day. She likes to stick with the basics, believing that effective skin maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated—or expensive. Because she sometimes has breakouts after events that require heavy makeup, she prioritizes acne prevention, using several cleansers and toners that target blemishes and discoloration. She’s also a big fan of wearing SPF, and, above all, washing off makeup before bed. “It’s not cute, ladies. Don’t fall asleep with your makeup on,” she says.

Watch the video below, then read on to shop her full routine.

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Skye begins her routine by cleansing with Wishful’s Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub, a gentle, water-free exfoliant. Then, she uses Clinique’s Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam for deep-cleaning residual makeup and targeting breakouts that removes everything left over from the day. This includes her favorite sunscreen, Melé’s Dew the Most, which goes on like “absolutely nothing,” per Skye, making it an excellent form of lightweight acne-preventing sun protection. “For all my melanated queens out there, this is absolutely perfect,” she says. “It is something that I use every single day.”

Next, she tones using Melés Even Tone Post Cleanse Tonic. “This tonic is a favorite of mine, because it has no sting and it helps to keep my skin even,” she says. “It removes impurities—it also smells great.” Skye follows that with the brand’s Even Dark Spot Control Serum to remove any pigmentation left from previous breakouts, patting on just a few drops of the serum. “This is the good stuff,” she adds.

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Skye’s moisturizer is another Melé product: Plump It Up Nourishing Cream. Then, for the fun part of her routine that gives the most “self-care vibes,” she uses KNC Beauty’s Star Eye Mask before bed (and then in the a.m.) to de-puff her under-eye area. “You can never show your under-eyes too much love,” she says.

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