Weirdly dark Dara O Briain shares unlikely health update five months after operation

The One Show: Dara O Briain explains he can't go on Strictly

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Mock the Week host Dara O Briain has shared an unlikely health update as he continues to recover from his knee surgery, which took place back in June. Appearing on Zoe Ball’s BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show this morning, the comedian revealed that a “weird” part of his recovery had led to him light-heartedly “accusing” his surgeon of transplanting his leg with another, whilst also sharing a photo of the bizarre discovery on Twitter.

So the hair on one leg is darker and thicker than the hair on the other leg

Dara O Briain

In view of his 2.5 million followers, the star gave an update on his recovery, nearly five months after the operation.

Dara wrote: “As just mentioned on Zoe Ball on Radio 2, my recovering, post-op leg has gone weirdly dark and hairy, leading to me accusing my surgeon of transplanting my leg while I was knocked out.”

The funnyman shared a snap of his legs with fans, with his left featuring thicker and darker hair than the right.

Appearing on BBC Radio 2 this morning, the star told presenter Zoe about the “weird” aspect of his recovery.

Responding to a suggestion from the radio host that he could be in the running for Strictly Come Dancing next year, Dara immediately shot down the suggestions.

He said: “No, unfortunately the nature of it, I had to have a little rebuild in my knee out of an injury that I’ve had since I was 16.

“I’m looking at it now, here’s the weird thing, when you have an operation and you’re in a cast for a while, a thing happens that I had to ask my consultant about.

“He said, ‘Oh yes, this is extra blood flow into that part of your body.'”

Explaining what this meant, Dara went on: “So the hair on one leg is darker and thicker than the hair on the other leg.”

“Sexy,” interrupted Zoe, before laughing.

Dara continued: “And I said, ‘Hang on, have you actually secretly transplanted my knee with that of an old Mediterranean lady?’

“Because it’s like this really thin wasted leg mixed with this big, thick Irish leg but there’s a really thin leg with dark Irish hairs.

“I’m looking at them and they do not really look like the same person’s legs.”

Zoe quipped: “I do hope in your tour you raise your trouser leg enough to show the audience said beautiful leg with extra hair.”

Dara replied: “I may have to post it because it’s so weird.

“But it does happen, he said, ‘Look, it can happen to young kids, it can happen to girls, they break an arm and take off their cast and they go ‘oh my God, I’ve got a wolf arm!’

“It’s a very common thing and it will calm down,” Dara said of the doctor’s advice, before adding that he’s “enjoying his weird Yeti leg”.

Earlier this year the star revealed that he’d undergone surgery on his knee by sharing a snap of his recovery on social media.

Dara shared a picture of his left leg resting on cushioned chairs while covered in frozen sweet corn.

He wrote: “Had a knee operation two days ago; will now watch ALL the sport, with frozen foods draped over me.”

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