Welp, Looks Like Jimmy Fallon Outbid Me on That Timothée Chalamet Ventriloquist Dummy

Jimmy Fallon paid for a handcrafted Timothée Chalamet ventriloquist dummy. Why? Because he is a sound investor! The Tonight Show host recently revealed that he is now the proud owner of the one-of-a-kind mini Timmy that went viral earlier this Summer after being listed on eBay. (Though the puppet was originally listed for $122,795, Jimmy clarified that he did not end up paying that exact amount . . . thankfully.)

Though the puppet is a pretty exact recreation of Timothée at the 2019 Golden Globes, its personality is a little off. Like, we know Timothée speaks French, but why does the puppet have such a strong French accent? And why is he suddenly so mean? Classic diva, letting all that sudden stardom go to his head.

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