Where is Joogie? Fans think the Fortnite YouTuber is dead

YouTuber Joogie has over 1.2 million subscribers but has not uploaded a video in over a month, which has fans wondering if the Australian Fornite player is dead.

Joogie is one of many Fortnite streamers and YouTubers that prefer to stay anonymous so little is known about the player’s real identity.

Joogie hasn’t tweeted since last month, on June 6, when he revealed he was looking forward to the highly anticipated Fortnite World Cup games.

Several conspiracy theories have emerged since Joogie has disappeared from social media. Some fans believe he may simply be on vacation while others are worried that the Fornite player could be in a hospital or even dead.

Several fans have questioned his friend and fellow YouTuber Lazarbeam about Joogie’s whereabouts.

Lazerbeam has not commented on Joogie’s social media disappearance, which suggests that the Fornite player doesn’t want fans to know about his current whereabouts — or he doesn’t know.

It is highly unlikely that Joogie is dead as no one close to the anonymous YouTuber has announced his death. There have been several fake “face reveal” videos to clickbait fans into believing Joogie’s identity has been revealed.

The Fornite player has over 75 million views on his YouTube channel. In his most recent video, Joogie attempts to complete a Fornite Battle Royale with just an SMG weapon. The video has over 500,000 views and several of the comments suggest that the YouTuber is having brain surgery while others are requesting that he returns to making videos.

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