Where’s My Show? ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Big Little Lies’ And The Other Popular Arrivals That Couldn’t Appear On Emmy’s 2019 List

The fever pitch of thought and opinion circulating on Big Little Lies’ second season, as well as the Emmy success of its debut rollout, might make it look like an obvious lock for this year’s list of nominations. But its premiere date of June 9 counted it out of Emmy’s consideration window, which closes on May 31st. HBO’s new duo Euphoria and Years and Years fall into next year’s roster too, as does Showtime’s The Loudest Voice. So if you’re wondering about your current favorites, don’t panic—these shows and more will be up for consideration in 12 months time.

The same thing goes for the much-loved third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, which premiered July 4. And the streamer’s fifth season of Black Mirror, which went out June 3rd, will have to wait for next year too, but its surprise interactive episode “Bandersnatch”, which premiered solo in December, did pick up a nomination for Best Television Movie. It also got Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media within a Scripted Program, recognizing its unique manner of storytelling.

As more content providers than ever compete for attention, even well-received shows can fall off the radar if they release too early into a fresh Emmy window. It’s a conundrum most usually faced by cable networks and streamers, whose release patterns aren’t usually as regimented as the main networks’.

But one strategy to shine up an older season is to release a new one as Emmy voters are filling out their ballots. That had worked well for Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, which set a June release for Seasons 2 through 5 to redraw some attention for Seasons 1 through 4 respectively. Season 5 was snubbed last year—perhaps a consequence of its sixth season premiering in late July, after voting had closed—but despite its 7th and final season not set to premiere until July 26, Season 6 did peep onto this year’s list, with Laverne Cox picking up a Guest Actress nod.

GLOW applied this same strategy last year to pick up 10 nominations and two wins for its first season; its second season premiered during voting last year. A slightly more muted reception for that season in today’s nominations—it picked up four below-the-line noms and supporting star Betty Gilpin was the only actor recognized—might be explained by the fact that its third season won’t premiere until August 9.

Emmy newcomer Pose will be pleased with its six nominations for its debut season, though, with a second that started airing in the voting window. It picked up a Drama Series nod, and Billy Porter was recognized for Lead Actor. But it doesn’t always work: Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone, which snuck in a Season 2 premiere right before voting closed, didn’t appear at all on today’s list.

Bucking the trend, early-airers like Sharp Objects (premiered July 8 last year) still managed a fine showing today. The show picked up a Limited Series nod, as well as noms for Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson among its pool of eight. Another show worthy of an asterisk is Amazon’s four-episode one-shot A Very English Scandal, which premiered June 29 2018. Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw were both nominated in acting categories, with director Stephen Frears and writer Russell T. Davies also scoring nods.

Of course, some beloved shows not only skipped this year’s window, but have still not aired their upcoming new seasons. Among those are The Crown, Westworld, Silicon Valley and Atlanta.

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