Why? Jeremy Clarkson unleashes fury over James Corden discussing F1 at Grand Prix

James Corden announces he is leaving the Late Late Show

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Jeremy Clarkson, 62, is known for his outspoken personality and he has made his opinion on James Corden’s involvement at the Miami’s Grand Prix perfectly clear. The Clarkson’s Farm star took to Twitter to unleash his fury at the comedian, 43, after the Gavin and Stacey star recently spoke about his time with the McLaren team at the Grand Prix.

Why on earth?

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy took to Twitter yesterday in view of his 7.7 million followers to share his view on the James coverage.

He penned: “Why on earth are we listening to James Corden?”

Many social media users took to the posts comments to share their view on the presenter and his involvement in the Miami race.

Gaz_Cart said: “I have no idea who thinks people like Corden are important but then again they are the same people that speak to you Jeremy.”

AndiCole0 added: “Because f1 has been Americanised. More emphasis on entertainment than racing.”

Garydg7 commented: “I turned on @skysportsf1 saw James Corden… turned immediately back off.”

Speaking about his time at F1 James said: “It’s nuts! It’s been an intense experience.

“I have been here filming with the McLaren team for the last three days really.

“We have had a great experience from top to bottom and it will be on the show in a few months,” he added.

He was then asked if he was a Formula One fan and James could barely contain his excitement when discussing the sport.

James continued: “You realise this isn’t a sport about individuals, it’s about true teams and as soon as you become invested in a team, if it matters to them, it matters to you.

“For me, my love, I will always be a Jenson Button guy.”

It comes after James recently announced that he is leaving his role as presenter on the The Late Late show.

James confirmed his decision to leave the show after seven years to spend some more time with his family in the UK.

He will be coming back with his wife of ten years Jules and their three children Max, 11, Carey, seven and Charlotte, four.

James has been joking around with the F1 drivers, even taking racing driver Daniel Ricciardo for a spin.

The pair seemed in high spirits as they enjoyed a laugh, while standing in what seemed to be a press conference set up on Friday.

The duo enjoyed a giggle before the McLaren driver was lifted up by James on his shoulder.

The racing began today and is part of the 2022 Formula One World Championship.

Celebrities in attendance include former First Lady Michella Obama, the iconic David Beckham and Hollywood’s Michael Douglas.

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