Will ‘A Recipe for Seduction’ make you hungry for KFC? (spoilers)

Spoilers for A Recipe for Seduction, which you can watch in full below!
Last week we saw the ridiculous and awesome trailer for Lifetime movie’s 15 minute holiday movie sponcon, A Recipe for Seduction, starring Mario Lopez. Hecate covered that and she made better jokes than I will, so you may want to revisit her coverage. I particularly liked the scenarios she came up with for other potential fast food movies like Wendy having to resort to using frozen beef at the Easter picnic to save the love of her life!

KFC put the whole thing on YouTube, which is embedded below. Mario plays Harland Sanders, the new chef for a formerly rich family facing ruin if beautiful daughter Jessica doesn’t marry the rich douche she hates but is inexplicably dating, Billy. Of course Jessica falls for her family’s new hot salt and pepper chef, Harland, who has a secret recipe that’s going to make him rich. Somehow Harland is humble, kind and desirable, despite Mario Lopez possessing none of those qualities. Jessica and Harland fall in love after one walk around their estate! Jessica’s mom, Bunny, sides with evil Billy and works with him to undermine her daughter. Other characters include Jessica’s gay best friend, Lee, who -spoiler- busts Bunny getting hot and heavy with Billy!

There were several lines that made me go “damn!” in this awesome short film, like at minute 5:30 when Harland says “don’t call me crouton” and when we find out, around minute 7, that Bunny has a thing with Billy. The ending was kind of dumb but I loved all the smoldering looks and the ridiculous lines. It’s more of a send up of soap operas than a Christmas romance movie. I know some of you will say I’m overselling it but it brought me joy and I’m still smiling thinking about it. It’s impressive how many tropes and plot twists this short movie takes. I was highly entertained and definitely found it worth my fifteen minutes. Fried chicken makes appearances at the beginning and the end, during a family dinner when Jessica receives Billy’s proposal and at the end when Billy is angrily eating a drumstick.

I want to know who the mysterious writer and director of this, Jean, was! They should take credit for this masterpiece and I’m not blowing smoke. I don’t know if this made me hungry for KFC, but it did give me a great opinion of KFC, kind of like when I read Wendy’s tweets. KFC is tasty, hilarious and doesn’t take itself seriously. Also they totally set it up for a sequel. I want to see Jessica and Harland have to eat their way out of a vat of mashed potatoes.

You will not regret watching this!

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