WWE Star Kayla Braxton Brands Herself Product of Rape When Condemning Roe v. Wade Overturn

The 31-year-old WWE presenter reveals that she was conceived after her mother was sexually assaulted following Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade ruling.

AceShowbizKayla Braxton has revealed she was conceived after her mother was sexually assaulted. The WWE presenter has defended women’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade, which protected a woman’s right to have an abortion in every state.

Over the weekend, she wrote on Twitter, “I am a product of rape. My mother was raped by a stranger – to this day, neither of us have any clue who my birth dad is. She chose to have me – clearly – but she did so because she CHOSE to. Not because a law told her she HAD to. It should always be our choice. (sic)”

The 31-year-old star shared a viral message circulating on social media which included different scenarios in which a woman might choose to have an abortion, including sexual assault, an infant developing “without life sustaining organs” or a risk to the woman’s life. She added, “Just want to leave this here for the ignorant and arrogant people who have chosen to remain uneducated about what this means for we women who bear this burden.”

“I did not write this, but it emcompasses the reality,” Kayle further stated. “I would also add – im pro- a woman doing what’s best for HER. (sic)”

The star, who hosts WWE’s weekly web series “The Bump” as well as appearing on “SmackDown” and the company’s premium live event Kickoff shows, later blasted some people for their responses to her post. She said, “You who keep messaging me to use Ancestry DNA to find my father, stop. It’s a shame that’s all you got out of my post yesterday, but stop.”

“Also – to those who made comments saying my mom was probs a liar and had a one night stand and called it rape, you better hope we never meet,” Kayla noted.

When another follower replied saying they had “faith” she would find her father, Kayla pointed out that she doesn’t want to. She added, “I know you mean well, but this is my point. If I wanted to find him, I woulda tried by now. I don’t wanna know him and at this point, I don’t want him to know me. I’m happy. I was raised in an awesome foster fam and I have a good relationship with my biological mom. I’m Gucci. (sic)”

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