Zendaya in Armani at the ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ premiere: cute or severe?

Here are some photos from last night’s Hollywood premiere of Spider-Man: Far From Home. I know people like this Spider-Man reboot with Tom Holland, but I tried watching Homecoming and I just… it’s not for me. I guess I’ve just gotten too old to like or appreciate the Spider-Man character, and Tom Holland was annoying the crap out of me. So obviously, I won’t see this one, but we can still talk about fashion choices. Zendaya plays Peter Parker’s friend/girlfriend Michelle, and there are always rumors going around that Zendaya and Tom are dating in real life. It’s sweet if true. Zendaya wore this Armani Prive dress to the premiere and…I get why she posed in profile so much, because the dress looks better from the side. Head-on, the dress is way too severe.

Tom wore Ermenegildo Zegna and no socks!!

Jake Gyllenhaal is in this and he wore a big gold necklace to the premiere. I am curious. He didn’t wear socks either! And yet he wore that necklace. Such styling choices.

I still can’t believe Marisa Tomei was cast as Hot Aunt May. This dress is not hot though – it’s an utter disaster. I’m not going to be too sh-tty about it though because Tomei is awesome.

What’s up, Samuel L. Jackson. He wore socks.

Cobie Smulders wore a very strange lace dress with some kind of black net-backing? Is it supposed to remind us of a spider’s web?

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, WENN.

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