14 Charts That Will Help You Handle Everything Negative In Your Life Right Now

1.For when you’re feeling burnt out at work.


This chart is literally copy-and-paste worthy.

2.For when the people in your life are just requiring too much and you need to detach for your own mental health.


3.For when your self-confidence has taken a hit.


4.…And you’re spending a little too much time on Instagram, even though it makes you feel like shit every time you open the app.


5.For when you’re experiencing highs and lows of epic proportions.



6.…And when it feels like you’re having a mini existential crisis every. single. day.


@Heyamberrae’s Instagram account is like therapy in chart format.

7.For when you’re feeling just generally overwhelmed….

Anxious? Moody? Unmotivated? To-do list nearing the length of a New Yorker long read? Check, check, check, and check.

8.For when you’re overthinking everything.

9.For when you’re plagued with a difficult decision and can’t stop thinking/talking about it.


10.For when you’re in need of a little self-care and are sick of hearing “Take a bubble bath!” “Put on a face mask!”

We need some new self-care ideas, people.

11.For when you just need to feel like you accomplished something.


12.And for when you know you’ve got a stressful day coming up and feel a lot of, you know, anxiety about it.

13.For when you know you want to be pro-active about living and being better, but don’t want to add even more time, effort, and stress.

Start putting these on your Google calendar right now.

14.Seems simple, but CHECK. IN. WITH. YOUR. SELF.

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