14 People Who Will Make You Never Want To Go To The Gym Again

1.The person who inspired their gym to put up this sign:

2.And the nearly as nasty person who inspired this one:

3.The guy who likes to just hang out on the equipment, watching porn:

4.And the guy who likes to get a buzz on while working out:

5.The meathead who bites down on the equipment:

6.And the winner who sticks their gum on the equipment:

7.The member who — for some WTF reason — keeps stealing shower heads:

8.The member who makes a nasty habit even nastier:

9.And the hirsute member who shaves and leaves the sink looking like this:

10.The gross mofo who keeps wiping their boogers on the walls:

11.The jerk who pees in the freaking sauna:

12.The guy who skipped the day sharing was taught at preschool:

13.The person (or let’s be real, PEOPLE) who leave the bathroom like this:

14.And the “gentlemen and scholars” who insist on drying their balls off with the gym’s hairdryers:

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