17 Slightly Delusional People Who'll Make You Say, “Well, I Respect Their Confidence”

1.This “ready made” wall art that sure looks a lot like a mattress spring.

2.These sneakers that look like this but are still very expensive for some reason.

3.This crayon on paper art that’s being sold for $1,600.

4.This Vaseline that someone covered in shiny pieces and charged $25 for.

5.This portrait made from dipping sauce that’s pretty bold to try to charge any amount of money for.

6.This artist who wants $100 for their Elon Musk sketch.

7.This bag of confetti being sold for two grand.

8.These $80-100 paintings that look fresh off the drying rack in a first grade classroom.

9.This artist’s $200 slices of (inedible) pizza encased in acrylic boxes.

10.This person charging $20 for “cartoon work” that just looks like a heavily filtered image.

11.This baker who is charging $50 for birthday cakes that look like this.

12.This toy cap gun that someone stumbled upon, mounted to an undersized piece of wood, and tried to sell for $25.

13.This piece of art that has such deep-rooted inspiration that it can’t be explained, but it can be yours for $35.

14.This painting going for $18,000 (EIGHTEEN. THOUSAND.).

15.This $180 wind chime that’s made of various bottle caps and pieces of trash.

16.And finally, this person charging $15 for this piece of cardboard wrapped in duct tape…oops, I mean this “custom cosplay gun.”

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