17 Things That Are 100% Server Culture

1.Needing a designated spot to shed your tears.

2.Getting some joy out of the little things.

3.And some misery too.


4.Always being haunted by mistakes.

5.Taking a beating when you don’t deserve it.

6.Constantly feeling this inner turmoil.

7.Celebrating the smallest of wins.

8.Throwing together a makeshift bed for an emergency nap.

9.Being a true American hero.

10.Wishing you had a time machine.


11.Never really being off the job.

12.Knowing your enemies.

13.Playing hot potato with your coworkers.

14.Summoning every bit of inner strength during trying times.


15.Feeling a strong sense of community with other servers.

16.Having no choice but to be blunt sometimes.


17.And feeling insurmountable joy when your manager takes your side over the customer’s.


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