17 Weird As Heck Things People Have Seriously Been Told About Their Tattoos

A little while back, we asked tattooed members of our BuzzFeed Community to share the absolute STRANGEST thing they’ve ever been told about their tattoos, and they DID NOT disappoint. Here are even MORE weird as heck things people have been told about their tattoos:

1.“You know that’s permanent, right?”

“This one is BY FAR my favorite comment I get because — for the pain I went through and the price of the art — it had better be permanent.”


2.“Is…is that real?!”

“No dumbass, I just have a birthmark shaped like a green shamrock randomly on my body.”


3.“You sure you won’t regret getting that in 50 years?”

“Someone once said this to me while commenting on a memorial tattoo I got after my best friend — who joined the army after high school — was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2010. No, I don’t think I’ll ever regret getting ‘that.'”


4.“You’ll have to cover those up because they’re unprofessional…”

“Almost all of the education professors at the university I attended said this, claiming that tattoos will ‘distract your future students.'”


5.“I thought you were innocent before I saw those.”

“I was told this while I was at work by a complete stranger.”


6.“Are you in the Illuminati?!”

“I have a tattoo of the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter on my wrist, and I teach 6th grade. My students constantly ask me this.”


7.“Those are going to cost a lot of money to get removed…”

“I was with my family at my dad’s funeral, and I hadn’t seen my aunt in ages. I had gotten a decent amount of tattoos on my arm that she was unaware of. She looked back at me and said this. Thanks, I guess I’m stuck with them then?”


8.“Why couldn’t you just get that on a t-shirt?’”

“My dad simply just doesn’t see the appeal of tattoos. My first piece was a large tree on my rib cage and he said this when I showed it to him the first time.”


9.“Are you, like, a really big fan?”

I’m currently working on a Star Wars themed half-sleeve. People constantly ask this. I think the answer is pretty obvious, but I love to make a confused face and respond with, ‘No, I’m really just a casual fan.’ They get so confused and concerned and it’s hilarious.”


10.“When you go to heaven, Jesus wont recognize you…”

“My boss told me tattoos are bad for this reason. Like, Jesus won’t realize who I am because I changed my body and will be like, ‘Whoops, I guess I’ll send you to hell instead.'”


11.“I can’t believe you have a tattoo…you looked so nice and friendly.”

“Um, I didn’t know people with tattoos weren’t nice…or that people who ‘look nice’ can’t have a tattoo.”


12.“Good, no man will ever want to touch you if you get one.”

“A stranger once asked me if i had any tattoos and, when I said I didn’t, he responded with this. Luckily my mother was there and responded with, ‘Well, I have have tattoos and my husband touches me all the time!’ People can be very ignorant.”


13.“Hey, do you know the meaning of your tattoo?”

“No sir, I have no idea. It was a completely random choice, but thanks for telling me!”


14.“And on top of it, you have a big tattoo!”

A woman at the retail store I was working at was upset with me about her coupon not being valid. While she was waiting for the manager to come over, she looked at my arm and SCREAMED this, as if it confirmed her belief that I was doing something wrong.”


15.“Why did you get a snail? Are you slow?”

“I have a cute snail tattoo…because I like snails? I once had someone ask me this to my face.”


16.“It will be easy for them to identify you when you go missing!”

“Not ‘if,’ ‘when.’ My co-worker said this to me in passing, and it was creepy as heck.”


17.And finally, this wordless (and painful) response.

“I have a realistic honey bee on the inside of my wrist. My grandma wasn’t wearing her glasses one time and smacked the holy hell out of my arm with a fly swatter. I told her it was just a tattoo, and she joked it was a good thing I got a bee and not a spider, or she might’ve sprayed Raid on me.”


Now it’s your turn! Can you top these? What’s the weirdest/rudest/most random thing YOU’VE ever been told about your tattoos? Share in the comments below — and, for the chance to be featured on BuzzFeed in the future, follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter!

Some entries have been edited for length or clarity.

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