21 Examples Of What Texting In The '90s Would've Looked Like

1.When you needed a place to meet, a finish line for races, or an end zone for football games.

2.When you used the landline for internet.

3.When popular sayings caught on.

4.When you provided your friends with custom body art.

5.When the commonly used form of communication was a handwritten note.

6.When there weren’t any streaming services.

7.And when you forgot the important final step before returning rentals.

8.When you recorded over and over again on VHS tapes.

9.When the greatest medical drama of all time was still on the air.

10.When there were consequences for forgotten late fees:

11.When you got another AOL free trial disc.

12.When you used those terrible pencils.

13.When you played the free games installed on your computer.

14.When you needed a quick fix.

15.When you had Saturday night priorities.

16.When your tape malfunctioned.

17.When you wanted to send short, rapid-fire messages.

18.When you wanted to pickup where you left off on a video game.

19.When you wanted to make plans to see a movie.

20.When you had limited cell phone minutes before a certain time of night.

21.And finally, when you had dial-up internet.

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