24 Moments From "The Office" Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

1.When Michael hit Meredith with his car.

2.When Dwight couldn’t handle being in a crowd.

3.When Jim pulled his greatest prank of all time.

4.When Michael didn’t need to travel to go on vacation.

5.When Creed didn’t dress up for Halloween.

6.And when Kelly 100% knew her worth.

7.When Holly was totally in love with Michael.

8.When Stanley was all of us at work.

9.When Dwight tried to intimidate a competitor.

10.When Jim and Pam put their spare time to good use.

11.When Michael set the record straight.

12.When Jim literally burst Dwight’s bubble.

13.And when Oscar got way too excited for Angela’s wedding.

14.When Kevin absolutely lost it over cupcakes.

15.When the entire office had a CPR lesson.

16.When Kelly had strong opinions about Glee.

17.When Michael took “That’s what she said” a little too far.

18.And when Jim tricked Dwight into a new ~look~.

19.When Andy punched the wall.

20.When Michael couldn’t help but love Ryan.

21.When Dwight revealed this terrifying truth to Oscar.

22.When Michael wasn’t afraid to be honest with himself.

23.When Creed said the most Creed thing ever.

24.And when Jim did his classic stare into the camera.

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