A 'Ghostbusters' Virtual Reality Game Is Coming to Meta Quest 2

During Meta Quest‘s Gaming Showcase on Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the official teaser trailer for an upcoming Ghostbusters virtual reality game.

The game, which was created by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality in partnership with Phantom: Covert Ops developer nDreams, will be based in San Francisco and feature an “extensive and engrossing campaign” that can be played solo or with up to three friends. Players will be tasked with unraveling a mysterious conspiracy and hunting down ghosts with tools including a proton pack and a P.K.E. merter in-hand.

“If you’re looking to create a big, engaging multiplayer VR game that has to be experienced to be believed, who you gonna call? nDreams,” said Jake Zim, Senior Vice President, Virtual Reality, Sony Pictures Entertainment, in a statement. “Virtual reality on Meta Quest 2 truly allows us to live out our dream of being a Ghostbuster. The world, the ghosts and the iconic tools and equipment deliver the ultimate VR adventure. And most importantly, busting ghosts with your friends is fun!”

Meta Quest’s Ghostbusters VR title marks the latest video game in development based on the franchise — Friday the 13th: The Game developer Ilfonic is creating Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, which is slated to arrive on PC, PlayStation and Xbox this year.

Meta Quest did not announce a release window for its Ghostbusters game. Stay tuned for more information.

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