A Guy Logged Back Into Twitter After A Decade To Announce He Married The Woman He Tweeted A Joke About Back Then

In 2009, Jared Matthews was a young twentysomething, single, and had a Twitter account. In late November about ten years ago, he met a woman named Analyn at a bar in Las Vegas, and tweeted the following:

“I’m not going to lie to you, I was getting a little drunk, and when she told me she was half Japanese half Filipino, I just made the joke,” Jared told BuzzFeed News.

Fortunately for him, Analyn found it “hilarious” and they exchanged phone numbers.

About a month later, he asked her to be his girlfriend. She said yes, and the two would date for years.

Jared decided to take a break from Twitter shortly after. Back then, his account @Bloy had only three tweets. One in January 2009 announced he created a Twitter, and then there was another tweet announcing he was leaving Twitter.

“I wanna skip the reasoning behind stepping away from Twitter, but the reason I came back was because I had seen how much it changed from then,” he said.

Almost exactly a decade later, Jared returned to Twitter. He re-discovered his 2009 joke about Analyn on the night he met her, and wrote an update on Tuesday:

Yep, Jared and Analyn the “jalepeno girl” are married! He proposed after three years of dating. His 2019 tweet has gone hugely viral within a day, because it was so unsuspected. It’s already been retweeted over 82,000 times.

“I told [Analyn] about my new viral tweet and she said, while laughing, ‘Don’t you think the update is a little outdated?'” Jared said.

“I think it could be a good representative of a Twitter love story, though throughout the years I’ve kept it private from Twitter. I thought it would be a funny tweet since the tweet I retweeted with comment was 10 years old,” he added, laughing.

People online are really happy for Jared and Analyn. They simply weren’t ready to hear such a wholesome update, and after so long.

It’s made people a little existential and sentimental about a decade that is so quickly reflected in two tweets.

“I knew exchanging numbers that night had been the best decision of my life,” said Jared, who’s now 32, and living in Fort Lauderdale with his wife.

My heart is melted, I can’t believe we’ve been on this hell-forsaken website for a decade, and don’t @me saying this isn’t news. Happy holidays, everyone.

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