A Kind of Guise Returns With Its Second Seasonal Instalment

Returning for the second instalment of its Fall/Winter 2021 collection, German label A Kind of Guise delivers its another selection of well thought-out apparel which draws inspiration from the country of Georgia.

Located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Georgrenowned for its diverse nature and city high rises, as well as its hospitality, extensive cuisine and wine making. Drawing on this esteemed reputation, A Kind of Guise is guided through a lesson of fabrics, all of which make up the foundations of the brand’s second seasonal offering.

Like its first drop, texture is at the heart of this season’s stand-out pieces. From the quilted Kari Jacket that’s combined with a Kasbek Camouflage fabric (which represents the peaceful flower fields of Georgia), to the Kura Cardigan which houses a beautiful stitching at the hem line, it’s a collection of beauty.

The brand’s new Kohaku cardigans make their debut this season too with new fabrics like the blurred check and ranger dye, alongside a variety of pants, sweaters and accessories.

Check out the full collection in the gallery above, all of which is available to purchase now from the A Kind of Guise webstore.

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