A Rare Tom Sachs Kelly Bag Has Appeared for Sale for $10,000 USD

Luxury consigner Justin Reed can get his hands on just about anything, recently selling a Pastelle jacket (like the one seen on North West in Paris) and a Friends & Family Supreme Rolex Submariner, and now the seller has got a rare Tom Sachs Painted Kelly bag up for grabs.

Inspired by the Hermès Kelly, this Klein Tools Model #5102-12 bag is limited to 100 custom pieces and is indeed a wearable accessory, but its collectability has pushed it further into the art world like much of Sachs’ work. It sports an all-black canvas body that’s been covered in a synthetic polymer paint, before custom steel hardware was added.

Fastening comes in the form of a green industrial clip that’s secured with a padlock, itself chained to the bag. To unlock the padlock, a key hanging from a chain can be found adjacent to the lock’s chain. Leather handles and a leather base — complete with four protective feet — complete the construction of the bag, while details such as the bag’s code is submerged underneath the aforementioned paint. On the rear, Sachs adds a hand-painted “H” emblem, while inside you’ll find the artist’s signature alongside the date it was produced and the issue number, with this one being 10/100.

Justin Reed is selling this bag online for $10,000 USD. Take a closer look at the example above, and find out more on the consignment site.

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