Adele may be dropping the biggest hint ever, and the internet is going wild

Rumour has it Adele’s got a new album on the way. As mysterious “30” billboards pop up around the world, fans are taking it as a sign that we won’t have much longer to wait…

Hello? Adele? If you can hear us, give us a sign…

Or how about give us 30?

Since Friday, the number 30 has appeared on billboards and projections in cities around the world, including Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Copenhagen, Dublin, London and Amsterdam. 

Given Adele’s earlier Instagram post that her next album would be called 30, her track record for naming her albums after her age, that we’ve been fervently waiting for new music from her since 2015’s 25, and the fact that everyone loves to play “Detective Twitter” these days, it was only a matter of time before fans but 3 and 0 together.

“Adele hasn’t even released the album yet and has already outdone everyone,” wrote one user, alongside pictures of the global landmarks with “30” projected on them. 

The 33-year-old singer is yet to confirm the rumours, but has changed all her social media profile layouts to reflect the backgrounds of the projections. 

Meanwhile, fans and internet sleuths have been filling the #Adele30 hashtag with snaps of sightings and fierce speculation.

One Twitter user who spotted a “30” in Australia spoke to “the gent running the projector” to find out what the story was.

He “said he was ‘contracted by Sony to run it’ and didn’t know what it was for,” Gianni Borrelli tweeted. “No way this isn’t for Adele’s next album.”

And just to clarify there, Adele is signed to Sony, so Projector Man has dropped a pretty massive clanger there (accidentally on purpose? Who can say…).

We know an album has been on the way for a while, as Adele confessed during her SNL stint last October that it wasn’t finished yet. Since then, we haven’t heard a peep other than the occasional fan account spontaneously screaming “NEW ADELE IS COMING.” That’s some serious manifesting.

These billboards and projections, however, look to be the real deal. Either that or someone’s being really extra for their 30th birthday.

Maybe when all 30 have been found (surely there are 30?) there will be a big reveal. In the meantime, as we stare longingly out of rainy windows and wait for the album to drop, we can at least depend on each other to keep us entertained…

Images: Getty, Twitter

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