Aesop Releases “Anatomy of Generosity” Gift Kits

Aesop has returned with its annual gift kit selection, with five different options falling into its “Anatomy of Generosity” theme. Each kit is inspired by a different persona, all of which celebrate altruistic acts and are designed to encourage acts of kindness.

Additionally, each persona correlates to a charity chosen by Aesop. As well as launching the seasonal gift kits, the Australian label is donating $100,000 AUD (approximately $74,000 USD) to the chosen charities through its Aesop foundation, regardless of gift kit sales.

The first gift kit is the “Advocate,” which comprises of products for hands and body, and is linked to U.S.-based human rights charity Voice of Witness, which is known for telling underrepresented stories of those impacted by social injustice. A second gift kit — which features a trio of Geranium Leaf body care products — is titled the “Listener.” This kit is a nod to London-based Pan Intercultural Arts, which empowers refugees and minorities through the arts.

This duo are followed by the “Mentor,” a Parsley Seed skin care trio that raises awareness for Create UK, as well as the “Forager” (a citrus-infused body care kit) that focuses on Photographers Without Borders and the “Protector” for the home or office. This kit correlates to the Karrkad Kandji Trust from Australia, which brings together Indigenous ranger groups to combat the nation’s pressing environmental concerns.

All of the kits are available now from the Aesop web store, and more information on the Aesop Foundation can be found on its website.

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