All Apple AirPods and Mac Accessories Rumored to Features USB-C by 2024

According to Bloomberg‘s Apple insider Mark Gurman, the tech giant is looking to make a long speculated change to its charging port. Apple is expected to shift from the lightning charging port on the iPhone and other devices to standardizing with the new USB-C in order to abide by new European laws.

While this is the case, Apple still hopes to go wireless in the near future but plans to move to USB-C charging across all its upcoming iPhone models and other Mac accessories. Currently, the iPhone, AirPods, iPad, Apple Watch and the MacBook all utilize three different chargers – lightning port, USB-C and MagSafe. Due to the push from the European law, which has been taken one step furthers this past week, the EU is now requiring all device makersto switch to USB-C by the end of 2024 for new products such as tablets, headsets and phones. Laptops will have until 2026 to make the switch.

Apple is looking to ensure that the iPhone 15 will get the USB-C in Fall 2023. This will leave AirPods, the Magic Mouse,Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad as the other accessories eventually needing to make the switch. Back in May, Apple was reportedly already testing out USB-C iPhones ahead of the EU mandate. As Apple gears up for the USB-C change, it moves the company one step closer to wireless charging for all devices.

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