Apple Reveals Precision AirTags Tech

As Apple expands its FindMy tech with the new AirTags accessory announced in its new “Spring Loaded” event. The tiny tech is also launching very, very soon.

The minute accessories will connect to Apple’s FindMy app to ensure that whatever they’re attached to can be easily located. This ranges from luggage to keys to wallets to, really, whatever you could ever want to keep an eye on. Apple has even fitted the lightweight, water- and dust-resistant AirTags with speakers to make the search that much easier, with a small cover that makes it simple to change the battery.

“We’re excited to bring this incredible new capability to iPhone users with the introduction of AirTag… to help them keep track of and find the important items in their lives,” said Kaiann Drance, Apple’s vice president of worldwide iPhone product marketing in a statement. “With its design, unparalleled finding experience, and built-in privacy and security features, AirTag will provide customers with another way to leverage the power of the Apple ecosystem and enhance the versatility of iPhone.”

Apple fans can begin ordering AirTags on April 23 for $29 USD apiece, with a four-pack of AirTags weighing in at $99 USD.

Plenty of other need-to-know tech is launching very soon from the Cupertino-based company.
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