'Attack on Titan' Sets Guinness World Record for Largest Comic Book Ever Published

Attack on Titan has just been certified by Guinness World Records for the “largest comic book ever published.”

By largest, the organization doesn’t mean longest chapters, it’s literally referring to the size of the print issue. The large-scale books are exactly one meter tall and 70 cm wide, which makes them six to seven times the size of a traditional Japanese manga (Tankōbon). Furthermore, the large-scale manga weighs roughly 13.7 kilograms. This manga, of course, was part of a limited-edition release, 100 copies per chapter — the first two chapters sold out in minutes.

You can apply to purchase a copy of the large-scale Attack on Titan manga on Kodansha’s website for ¥165,000 JPY (approximately $1,540 USD).

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