Bad Bunny Drops Japan-Inspired Single 'Yonaguni' With Music Video

Bad Bunny has returned with a new reggaetón-infused single titled “Yonaguni,” along with a day-in-the-life-style music video.

“Yonaguni,” named after a Japanese island, marks Bunny’s first single since he released his album El Último Tour del Mundo last November. The song itself rides a mellow dance beat, while the Puerto Rican artist sings in both Spanish and Japanese.

In the video’s opening, Bunny solemnly sings the track’s introduction while eating sushi and sipping on a glass of wine in a restaurant alone. The visual quickly shifts to a montage of the artist getting ready and eating a hearty breakfast the next morning, before taking to the street with eight dogs on leashes.

Bunny then engages in a series of activities, including martial arts, controlling a toy car, playing video games, yoga and getting a “Pokémon GO” tattoo, before he rolls up at a house party. The visual concludes with an animé-style recreation of the artist as he sings in Japanese for the final verse.

According to Billboard, the music video was one of the least expensive productions Bunny has ever done as “production [was] kept to a minimum.”

It’s unknown whether “Yonaguni” will be part of Bunny’s next full-length project.

Between an adidas sneaker collaboration, performing at the 63rd Annual Grammys and becoming the WWE 24/7 champion, Bad Bunny has already had quite year. Take a look at the artist’s collaborative adidas “Forum Low” sneaker, which is set to arrive in a new black colorway.
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