Benedict Radcliffe Crafts a Life-Sized Rimowa x Porsche 993 Sculpture

The two German companies RIMOWA and Porsche recently joined forces to create a limited-edition Hand-Carry Case Pepita featuring details inspired by the first-generation Porsche 911. To celebrate the collaboration, artist Benedict Radcliffe has crafted a striking sculpture out of hollow steel tubes resembling the iconic shape of the Porsche 934.

Benedict Radcliffe is well-known for his automotive sculptures as seen through his BLUEPRINT and LAMBORGHINI TWIN TURBO COUNTACH projects which are often crafted with thin and colorful steel wiring. His latest project adopts a stainless steel body, alluding to RIMOWA’s signature raw metallic finish. The life-sized replica is fitted with real Porsche wheels and features the RIMOWA logos outlined on the laterals with the special RIMOWA x Porsche suitcase displayed in the front trunk.

“I LIKE WORKING WITH PRECISION ENGINEERING FIRMS,” Benedict Radcliffe writes in a post that showcasesd the work for the first time.

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