BMW CE 02 Electric Motorbike Readies for Production

After nearly a year since it was first introduced as a concept, the BMW CE 02 electric ‘eParkour’ motorbike is now ready for production. Described by BMW Motorrad as an “Urban Mobility” vehicle, the eParkour is an all-electric, battery-powered bike that is designed to be accessible and easy to use.

The bike presents itself as something between an electric scooter and an entry-level motorcycle, created for a variety of urban and all-terrain environments at the bike builder’s most affordable price yet, with prices starting at roughly $7,500 USD according to its website.

BMW’s 2024 eParkour features a futuristic urban look, with large wheels, a step-over riding position and sleek minimalist lines. The bike is easily maneuvered thanks to its light weight of just 265 lbs. It features an 11-kilowatt electric motor, powered by two lithium-ion batteries, producing 15 hp and just over 40 lb-ft of torque.

The eParkour can run at a top speed of 59 mph and has the ability to run 0-to-30 in three seconds. When fully charged the bike is estimated to provide a range of 56 miles, making it an adequate city cruiser.

At the time of writing the BMW CE 02 is only available for configuration in European markets, though a global release, including a U.S. rollout is expected in the future.

Take a closer look at the 2024 eParkhour in the BMW Motorrad video below.

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