Bop It! Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary With the "Bop It! Button"

Introduced back in 1996, the iconic ’90s Hasbro toy, Bop It!, is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. The skill-testing game features a cyan pull-handle on one end, a twistable yellow crank on the other end, a depressable purple button in the middle, and a speaker that calls out “Bop It, Twist It, Pull It” combinations that players have to act on, trying to get the maximum score of 100.

Throughout the years, the toy has been reimagined with different iterations like Bop It! Extreme, Bop It! Extreme, and Bop It! Blast, but now the game gets refined with the “Bop It! Button.” Part of the 25th-anniversary festivities, “Bop It! Button” was created by the original designer of Bop It!, Dan Klitsner, to test the brains of players. Bop It! Button simply calls for players to “Bop It,” “Don’t Bop It,” “Do Bop It,” “Do Not Bop It.”

Priced at $25 USD, the Bop It! Button is available now for pre-order on the Bop It! website, with shipping set for early December. Additionally for each Bop It! Button sold, a donation will be made to the San Francisco Lighthouse For The Blind.

In case you missed it, next-gen games will soon be priced over $70 USD.
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