British people are absolutely livid after magazine disrespects sausage rolls

From Brexit to Mrs Brown's Boys, Britain feels like a nation divided.

But one thing that appears to be able to heal the deepest rifts is a common enemy – and nothing can bring us together like the power of food.

It's an unwritten rule that Brits can criticise their homeland as much as they want, but if anyone else has a pop it's simply not on.

That sentiment extends to our few but untouchable national treasures, including Sir David Attenborough, sausage rolls and pigs in blankets.

So when New York Magazine made an unforgivable error in its piece about pigs in blankets, it was time to unite.

Ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl in Florida, the publication wrote an article naming our cosy porky pals as the best food to feast on during the game, describing them as the 'Tom Hanks of party snacks; universally beloved. They're unassuming, inoffensive, yet somehow still a joy to behold'.

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Clearly no issue here. Although for many pigs in blankets are a sacred Christmas time food, we hardly need an excuse to break them out for the second time in two months.

The problem is, New York Magazine tweeted the article with a photo of hot dog sausages wrapped in pastry. We wish we were joking.

That's not a pig in blanket, that's a sausage roll. And it's fair to say it didn't go unnoticed by Brits who decided to respond to the article in the only way we know how – sarcasm.

For others the red mist had already descended and it was too late. One simply snapped back: "That’s a sausage roll you wrong ‘uns."

Another wrote: "Heathens. Those are sausage rolls."

But many found comfort in the rage, as one said: "Nothing, and I repeat nothing, will bring this nation back together like the outrage at this headline/photo combo."

A second made a similar point, tweeting at its author Nikita Richardson to express: "Nikita, you were clearly sent to reunite broken Britain.

"We’re all yelling: 'sausage rolls!' at Twitter right now.

Nikita replied to say that foreign relations is just part of the job.

You're the hero we need right now, Nikita.

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