BTS singer Jungkook under police probe after his Mercedes-Benz hit a taxi on Nov 2

BTS singer Jungkook was driving his Mercedes-Benz on Nov 2 when it hit a taxi.

According to the police in Seoul’s Yongsan precinct, the two drivers were not hurt and later received treatment for minor injuries in a hospital.

The police are now investigating the accident, saying that Jungkook, 22, had breached a traffic regulation, reported the allkpop portal.

But the police said they could not reveal further details for now.

While BTS fans are glad that no one is seriously hurt, many are worried that the incident could be blown out of proportion.

In a country where many K-pop celebrities are bashed online over their behaviour, from alleged indecent dressing to bullying in their school-days, they fear that Jungkook will get unreasonable hate comments too.

In the ultra-competitive world of K-pop, fans of other boy bands, they note, might even widen their attack, using this opportunity to tarnish what BTS have achieved, like topping the Billboard album chart in the United States.

BTS fans hope that everyone can just accept that this will be a learning lesson for Jungkook and allow him to move on.

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