ByKOLLES Racing Develops Three PMC Project Cars for Race, Track, and Road

German automotive race team ByKOLLES Racing has changed the future of FIA World Endurance Championship-competing cars, as its new PMC Project comes not just as a Le Mans racer, but also as a road-legal variant.

No matter which form you pick, all three PMC Projects come fitted with a V8 engine. The race car will be capped at around 700 HP and weighs just 2,292 lbs to keep it in line with “Balance of Performance” rules so that the race is fair between all competitors. There is also a track car variant that lowers power to a still-impressive 650 HP, weighing just 2,094 lbs, but what’s most interesting is the road-going version.

ByKOLLES Racing’s road offering combines a naturally aspirated V8 engine with a hybrid system that produces 1,000 HP together. Enabled to run on biofuel and weighing a still incredibly light 2,204 lbs, this model should be nearly as fast as the race car itself.

All three are nearly identical with just a few real-world tweaks setting the three apart. Where the race version is covered in a livery and comes fitted with a sharkfin and a huge rear wing, the road-going version drops this for legal reasons but does maintain other styling elements. All around you can see aerodynamics being a big focus, with a front splitter, a roof scoop for airflow to the engine, and even styling cues such as the thin headlights all being designed for better-streamlined aerodynamics.

Take a look at all three ByKOLLES Racing PMC Project cars above, and see the racing variant in action at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race season in 2022.

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