Casey DeSantis Is Being Compared to Michelle Obama for This Strategic Campaign Tactic

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Casey DeSantis is learning that life in the national spotlight can be a tough one for the spouses of presidential candidates. She’s been called out for trying to cosplay Jackie Kennedy and attempting to be a relatable Melania Trump, but her warm mom energy is now drawing comparisons to Michelle Obama. While the women stand opposite each other on the political spectrum, Casey seems to be taking a page from the former first lady’s playbook to help make her husband, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis more likable. 

Ron has been called out for his “prickly political image” and the responsibility has landed in Casey’s lap to help turn his 2024 presidential campaign around with telegenic personality. This was something Michelle had to do during Barack Obama’s first run for president since some voters found him aloof. Kate Andersen Brower, author of First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies, told the Independent, “Michelle Obama was masterful at this, she would often joke about her husband leaving his dirty socks on the floor.” 

Brower believes that Casey makes Ron “seem more like a three-dimensional person” because in public he comes across as “stiff and very serious.” The historical expert shared that Michelle was a wiz at humanizing her husband to the Democratic voters, and now, Casey needs to do the same with Republican Party voters. And like the Obamas’ loving relationship, Casey and her husband can “can create a contrast to Trump,” who seems to have little support from Melania on the campaign trail.

“I think knowing that Casey supports her husband’s campaign is a vote of confidence that Donald Trump doesn’t have from his wife,” Brower added. “At least not at the moment.” So, it’s time for Florida’s first lady to get those laundry stories flowing because the poll numbers are showing Ron’s campaign is on life support.

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