Celebrate the Tokyo Olympics With Google's 16-Bit 'Doodle Champion Island Games'

In partnership with the animation studio, STUDIO 4°C, Google has launched Doodle Champion Island Games, following a “(c)athlete” named Lucky who explores an island with seven Olympic sport-inspired mini-games and side quests. The ultimate goal is to defeat each legendary sports champion opponent to collect all seven sacred scrolls. The 16-bit world is navigated entirely on the arrow keys and spacebar and is reminiscent of early Game Boy titles.

In the beginning, you will be prompted to choose between four teams: blue, red, green, or yellow, represented by the mystical creatures Ushi (a cow), Karasu (a crow), Inari (a fox), or Kappa (a turtle) respectively. The compiled score of the teams is displayed on a leaderboard, with the red team currently holding a significant lead. The seven sports games include ping pong, archery, climbing, rugby, running, swimming, and skateboarding. Scattered in the minigames are extra hidden clues and challenges to complete. The doodle world can offer a quick procrastination break, but is also quite extensive and will take most more than an hour to fully complete.

The sports RPG is now available on Google’s homepage. Take a deeper behind-the-scenes look at the interactive doodle here.

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