Central Cee Is All About Love in His New Song "Let Go"

Back on a victory lap of his worldwide hit “Doja” — which became the first U.K. rap record to appear on Cole Bennett’s Lyrical Lemonade — West London rapper Central Cee is back with a new song aptly dubbed “Let Go.”

It’s no lie that the U.K. music scene is currently going through a phase of “sample music.” For example, Aitch sampled Ashanti for his smash record “Baby,” while Digga D also sampled 50 Cent for “Pump 101.” And while there’s a slew of other examples that have arguably not hit the mark, this current sample trend is separating the best from the rest.

This is best seen now in Central Cee’s new “Let Go” drop. Flipping the hook from Passenger’s 2012-released “Let Her Go,” Cench provides a chorus more befitting the rhymer who earlier this year rapped: “How can I be homophobic? My b*tch is gay.”

However, hooks aside, this latest release from the rapper allows us to see the direction Cench is heading in. On his latest tape, 23, we heard more sensitive rhymes in comparison to the Wild West mixtape that dropped a year prior, and “Let Go” once again taps into his current love affairs — which are gradually becoming more public with a certain TikToker — while he also gives wider love advice for his audience that is undeniably growing by the day.

You can see the visuals to “Let Go” above and be sure to add the song to your playlists below.

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