Check Out David Kordansky's Art Basel Viewing Room

For those of you who didn’t make the trek to Miami, David Kordansky Gallery is highlighting their Art Basel curation in an online Viewing Room.

The exhibition of work is packed with preeminent artists from varying disciplines. From the totemic sculptures of Valentin Carron and Huma Bhabha, the infinitely layered compositions of Sarah Hughes and Rashid Johnson, or the bold abstractions of Sam Gilliam and Markus Amm — there is an expansive range for nearly every taste.

If you’re based in the Los Angeles area, make sure to visit the gallery as they’re currently showcasing exhibitions by Mary Weatherford, Anthony Pearson and Tobias Pils. Check out the full list of artists at David Kordansky’s booth below.

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Art Basel Miami
Booth F15
1901 Convention Center Dr,
Miami Beach, FL 33139

David Kordansky Gallery
5130 W Edgewood Pl,
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Artist List:

Markus Amm
Kathryn Andrews
John Armleder
Huma Bhabha
Matthew Brannon
Lucy Bull
Andrea Büttner
Valentin Carron
Aaron Curry
Fred Eversley
Derek Fordjour
Jason Fox
Sam Gilliam
Raul Guerrero
Lauren Halsey
Evan Holloway
Shara Hughes
Rashid Johnso
Deana Lawson
Tala Madani
Calvin Marcus
Chris Martin
Joel Mesler
Ivan Morley
Shahryar Nashat
Ruby Neri
Mai-Thu Perret
Tobias Pils
Torbjørn Rødland
Ricky Swallow,
Tom of Finland
Richard Tuttle
Mary Weatherford
Michael Williams
Jonas Wood
Betty Woodman

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