Christian Rex van Minnen Will Release 10 Grotesque New Paintings With Avant Arte

Christian Rex van Minnen has partnered with Avant Arte to release a series of 10 new paintings, titled Avatars.

Each portrait is made through a bespoke process dubbed by the artist as “indirect painting in monotype,” where unique impressions are hand-painted from plexiglass plates, which evokes the layered technique of historic Venetian painting with an unmistakable contemporary vocabulary. “Monotype as a process occupies a strange territory – they are ultimately one of one. Only one can be made,” said the artist.

Grotesque and emotionally charged, the Santa Cruz-based artist creates complex figures that comment on the somewhat dystopian underbelly of our information age. Overlaid across each portrait, one can see a range of motifs that span gummies and film, to tattoos and meme culture.

Avatars is a series of 10 one-of-one artworks that each cost $9,759 USD and will release on December 14, 2021 at 2pm GMT.

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