Chrome Hearts and Baccarat Reconnect for an Expansive Crystal Collection

After releasing its “SILVER MORNING” Ski Goggles, Chrome Hearts has now returned with its latest batch of online exclusives. This time around, the famed Los Angeles-based imprint has returned with its latest collaboration with Baccarat.

Chrome Hearts and the leading crystal manufacturer came together for an expansive range of drinking items. Made exclusively for Chrome Hearts and manufactured in France, the ashtray, decanter, and glasses come marked by striking cut lines and cross detailing. The glasses come in wine, water, martini, champagne, and tumbler varieties for an array of drinking occasions and situations. Each of the crosstail design cups and glasses comes in pairs of two.

Priced between $1,425 and $3,300 USD, the Chrome Hearts x Baccarat collection is available now on Chrome Heart’s website.

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