Colby Covington Defeats Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272 Grudge Match

After going the full five rounds, Colby Covington came away with a clear unanimous decision victory over Jorge Masvidal (49-46, 50-44, 5045) at the UFC 272 main event.

The fight was billed as a grudge match as the former best friends and training partners have turned into bitter enemies. “It wasn’t my best performance,” Covington said postfight. “Just a lot of emotions going into it. That was a real friend of mine at one point in my career. I let my emotions get the best of me but it was still dominant. I showed the world how good I was.” Covington now holds a record of 17-3, coming off a narrow unanimous decision loss to the current pound-for pound best, Kamaru Usman at UFC 268.

While Masvidal had his runs, showcasing his signature knockout power by dropping Convington in the fourth round, the fight was dominated by Covington’s superior wrestling. In the post-fight interview, Covington, arguably one of the most polarizing figures in the UFC today, called out another former training partner Dustin Poirier who he nicknames “Louisianna swamp trash.”

“To lose to a punk like that, it sucks, you know?” Masvidal said. “If I fight another wrestler, I need to make sure I can deal with this thing. I need to fix the wrestling, man.” Masvidal made it clear that the bad blood between him and Covington was by no means put to rest as the two were still seen chirping before the decision.

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