Concept Images of What It Would Be Like if Apple Combined Its iPhone With AirPods

A common issue amongst Apple AirPods users is that they can be easily misplaced. Since it requires a case for themselves and a second entity for additional charging, it can often be forgotten. Now, visualizer and designer Zarruk Taiseer has revealed concept images that imagine what it would be like if Apple combined its iPhone with its AirPods, ultimately defeating the issue of having to separate the AirPods and the phone.

If anyone has ever wondered what it would be like to have a more compact smartphone and the need to only carry one set that will easily store the AirPods with the iPhone, Taiseer has the concept ready. The curious design takes inspiration from Samsung’s flip phone concept that reimagines imagines the iPhone to double as an AirPods case. The layout sees an Apple Watch-like screen, focusing more on the basics.

On one side of the flip phone is the screen, where the user can access its apps via a touch screen. The other side appears to be the iPhone 13 Pro model camera, offering three lenses and 8K capability. Yanko Design calls it an “overwhelming interpretation,” as the flip-screen device appears to feature a curved touchscreen Retina display. The box-like design hides the AirPods Pro mini inside the folds.

For now the concept rendering is merely an idea, however, with the advancements at Apple, anything is possible.

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