Critics Give 'The Suicide Squad' a Perfect Score on Rotten Tomatoes

Film critics have given their nod of approval for James Gunn’s take on The Suicide Squad.

Receiving a rare 100% opening score by over 45 critics on Rotten Tomatoes, the film has been praised, not only for the acting but for the proper use of Suicide Squad humor — resulting in a highly entertaining film that’s leagues above the 2016 version.

In comparison, the previous highest-ranked superhero movie was 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse at 97 percent. Comicbook‘s Jenna Anderson take on the film reads, “There are so many things about The Suicide Squad that are revolutionary, from the extraordinary ensemble cast to the compelling and downright absurd story. But the most surreal element of the film might be the way it showcases the endless potential of the DC universe, with a feeling of wonder that those who have spent hours thumbing through back issues at their local comic shop will probably recognize. The Suicide Squad not only raises the bar for just how much a superhero movie can accomplish in one sitting, but it proves that the weird and oft-forgotten comic characters are superstars deserving of your attention. I have never seen a superhero movie with such a refined sense of identity and such a love for the source material — and if I never see one like it again, I’ll only be a little disappointed.”

Justin Chang of LA Times also writes, “After 2016’s ugly, bludgeoning Suicide Squad, I couldn’t imagine liking – and could barely stomach the idea of seeing – another movie called Suicide Squad. I’m delighted to be proven wrong.”

Fans will have to wait another week until The Suicide Squad releases over on HBO Max and in theatres on August 6.

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