Daisy Ridley Swiped 2 Things From the Star Wars Set — They Represent Rey's Light and Dark Sides

If you were on the Star Wars set, what would you swipe? Baby Yodas and Porgs are off-limits, sorry! For Rise of Skywalker star, Daisy Ridley, two very important items came to mind. The 27-year-old actress told A Little Late host Lily Singh made sure to take them home after filming.

Don’t worry, Ridley didn’t pull a John Boyega and bring a supersecret script home. Instead, she made claimed a couple of Rey’s most significant pieces. “The ring that I wear for Dark Rey and I may have been given a sword made of light which is very exciting and I’m gonna ask for my costume but I haven’t asked for that yet,” Ridley said. Watch the full clip above to hear exactly what she plans to do with her new prizes. Hint: They might find their way onto eBay.

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