Derek Aylward Presents "Gone Fishing" at Eighteen Gallery

Derek Aylward is a Massachusetts-based artist who creates bold compositions that teeter between folklore and pop cultural characters. V1 Gallery is currently exhibiting a new body of work by Aylward at its sister location, Eighteen Gallery.

“Gone Fishing” presents a suite of new paintings that explode with color. Tennis players, animals, mystical creatures and superheroes are some of the many wild and far-reaching references overlaid across each canvas. In Ship of Super Fools, 2022, Aylward depicts a range of superheroes, including Batman, Robin, Spiderman and Superman utterly confused and dejected as they sit helplessly next to each other in a tightly packed yellow canoe. The painting interestingly references Géricault’s famous painting The Raft of the Medusa (1818-19), which similarly imbues a mixture of hope, confusion and madness.

In Aylward’s smaller studies, he pares back the action to paint a series of totemic busts that hark back to the many sculptural works found across the history of ancient civilizations. “Gone Fishing” is on view at Eighteen Gallery until May 28.

Elsewhere, Felipe Pantone presents a kaleidoscope of color at London’s Greenwich Peninsula.

Eighteen Gallery
Slagtehusgade 18c
1711 Copenhagen
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