'Devil May Cry: The Animated Series' Will Span Across Multiple Seasons

Despite the project still being in an extremely early stage, producer Adi Shankar has now confirmed that the story arc for Netflix and CAPCOM‘s Devil May Cry: The Animated Series will span across multiple seasons.

Speaking to IGN, the creative behind Castlevania revealed that his upcoming project will take a similar approach in terms of having multi-season arcs, with the first season featuring eight episodes. While Shankar kept most of the plot details under wraps, he did confirm that Vergil, Lady and Dante will all be appearing in the show. “I can also confirm that Chris Pratt won’t be voicing any of the characters,” he joked after the Marvel actor scored voicing roles for both Super Mario Bros. and Garfield. Shankar went on to say that he acquired the rights to Devil May Cry himself “so that the jabronies in Hollywood can’t f*ck this one up too.”

There’s currently no release window yet for Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, but reports suggest that production will begin sometime in 2022 and the show will launch over on Netflix.

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