Devin Booker's Elite Car Collection Is Exposed in Latest Episode of 'Tagged'

The Phoenix Suns have been dominating this season’s Finals, with two games under their belt against the Milwaukee Bucks, and standing at the forefront of this 2-0 lead is shooting guard Devin “DBook” Booker. His agility and flurry of three-pointers resulted in 31 points in Game 2, as well as 27 points in Game 1. However, on the eve of Game 3, HYPEBEAST wanted to delve into Booker’s side passion, one off the court and devoid of a basketball altogether: cars.

Being labeled as “the next Kobe Bryant” awards you with luxuries in life. And while a fleet of supercars would easily empty those deep pockets, Booker’s taste in cars is, like his game, quite elevated. In our latest episode of Tagged, we discover Booker’s interest is more focused on American cars, as evident with his wide collection of lowriders, muscle cars, and even a beach buggy.

Flair and pizzazz isn’t completely void from his assortment, as he’s also been seen in a sleek and svelte matte black Ferrari 488, the successor to the Italian automaker’s highly popular 458 from the early 2010s. Enthusiasts will also highly respect his selection of a Grand National, a relic from the time when even the fastest cars from Italy were challenged by an all-American Buick Regal with a huge turbo attached. Booker also dips his toes into automotive subcultures, like the classic ratrod aesthetic with his highly modified Chevy K5 Blazer.

Check out Devin Booker’s very respectable car collection above and watch our previous episode of Tagged featuring Pharrell Williams and the Boston Dynamics robot dog “Spot.”
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