Disneyland Is Selling $6,500 USD Slabs of Wood as Collectible Souvenirs

Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California has just found a way to upcycle one of its oldest attractions in the form of the Pirates of the Caribbean Heritage Timeline. The collectible is a cut from the Rusty Fig tree that acted as the ride’s line decor.

When it was discovered that the trees were diseased and were required to be cut down, Rhonda Wood, a park employee and forester pitched the idea of turning the slabs of wood into souvenirs. Each piece documents the history of the tree and their connection to the ride — from when the trees were planted in 1987 to when the ride was updated with Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa in 2006.

The plaque on the collectible reads, “For approximately 35 years, these memorable trees enhanced the beauty of the queue line. Perhaps the reader is fortunate enough to be one of the swashbuckling Disneyland guests that enjoyed some moments of this tree’s shade sometime in the past. The purpose of this work is to preserve a special part of Disneyland Resort history while showcasing the beauty nature creates all around us.”

There are 45 pieces available, each selling for $6,500 USD.

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