Donald Gorske Has Been Eating McDonald's Big Macs Everyday For 50 Years

Guinness World Records has just awarded Donald Gorske of Wisconsin as the record holder for most McDonald’s Big Macs eaten.

Surpassing the 30,000 mark with a total of 32,340 Big Macs eaten, Gorske began his journey in 1972 where he tasted his first Big Mac and decided right then and there that he would be eating them for the rest of his life. At his high point, Gorske was consuming up to nine Big Macs a day but has since kept it consistent at just two a day.

He has also resulted in tactics like buying his weekly worth of Big Macs in a single trip to save on gas money since his retirement. Surprisingly, Gorske’s blood sugar and cholesterol are relatively low and he attributes his lack of high cholesterol-related illnesses to sticking with just the Big Mac and not accompanying it with other forms of fast food. He also skips the fries and takes scheduled six-mile walks around his neighborhood. McDonald’s is such an integral part of his life, so much that, while many capture their child’s first steps, he has family photos of his children with their first Big Macs. He even jokingly says that his boys will record how many Big Macs he’s consumed up until his death so that they can write, “This many Big Macs will kill you.”

Declaring that he will be eating the sandwich until his death, his only condition of stopping is if his wife has to put them in a blender for him to drink. Check out the interesting story of Donald Gorske and his record-breaking obsession with McDonald’s Big Macs in the video above.

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