Donald Trump Did The Most Trump Thing When Michael Bloomberg Gave Him Advice

Michael Bloomberg said he hasn’t spoken to President Donald Trump in more than three years, but their last conversation was a doozy.

On “The Tonight Show” Tuesday, the Democratic presidential candidate recalled a request by Trump to call him after he’d been elected in 2016. Bloomberg obliged. So when Trump asked Bloomberg what he should do, Bloomberg said he advised him thusly: “You’ve never been in government before ― what you need to do is get some people that have experience, try to find a bunch of people who are smarter than you.”

“At which point he alleged that there weren’t any,” Bloomberg added.

The former New York City mayor let the line sink in for a moment.

“And then he gave me his private cell number, which I didn’t bother to write down,” Bloomberg added.

The two haven’t talked since, the 2020 hopeful said.

Bloomberg recounted details of the phone call to CBS News earlier this week and said Trump was polite.

Perhaps Bloomberg was saving Trump’s boastful response for late night national television. 

Watch the interview above.


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