Donald Trump Reportedly Created His Own Telephone Alter Ego While President

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It seems that even Donald Trump puts on a face when talking on the phone. In Maggie Haberman’s new (and incredibly long-awaited) bestselling book Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America,
she detailed a plethora of aspects of Trump’s presidency that no one seemed to catch on with, including his supposed alter-ego.

It’s alleged in Haberman’s book that Trump pretended to be a reporter to get an inside scoop on the opposing party’s progress.

Haberman said Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) received a phone call from an unknown number, which rattled her, to say the least. In the book, Haberman recounted, “When she answered, the man on the other end identified himself as a Washington Post reporter, and said he knew her husband from his investigations in Congress. The name he gave was not one she recognized. The man asked Dingell if she was looking for an apology from Trump. No, she replied, merely that people could be civil to one another.” She ended it by saying, “As the man talked, Dingell couldn’t shake the idea that his voice sounded like that of the forty-fifth president.”

The bombshell book set to be released on Oct 4 details so many individuals’ accounts with the former President, including interactions Haberman had herself. It seems Trump is well aware of the book, with one of his spokespeople Taylor Budowich, saying to the Washington Post, “While coastal elites obsess over boring books chock full of anonymously-sourced fairytales, America is a nation in decline. President Trump is focused on Saving America, and there’s nothing the Fake News can do about it.”

Whether you love or hate him, former President Donald Trump has been an enigma for decades. Journalist Maggie Haberman takes onlookers deeper than ever before in her long-awaited biography Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America,
which goes in-depth on his rise in business to fall after his presidency. With intimate accounts and deep research, this biography is going to give everyone the in-depth look everyone’s been craving, to understand the inner workings of the controversial former President finally.

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